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Ball Bearing

Ball bearings carry radial and axial loads to minimize friction, and are used to support and fix positions of rotating components. While the ball bearing concept predates Leonardo da Vinci, its design and manufacture have significantly progressed. Commercially available ball bearings are typically made from hardened steel, but other materials include stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance and ceramic (balls) which can achieve high radial speeds. Ball bearings are made up of balls which are secured into a cage to keep them in place while allowing them to freely revolve. In both the inner and outer races, the balls are contained inside channels. Ball bearings have a lower load capacity for their size than other bearings due to the lack of surface contact between the balls and races. There are several types of ball bearings that fit specific needs. The deep-groove ball bearing is the most versatile. Radial loads and thrust-load capacities may be approximately equal in this bearing. When it has the proper separator, it is very good for high-speed operation. No bearing separator is required at a low speed; a ball control separator of steel-ribbon construction is adequate at intermediate speeds; while the ultimate high-speed performance is obtained with a race controlled (or piloted) and fully machined separator.