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Roller Bearing

Roller bearing, one of the two members of the class of rolling, or so-called antifriction bearings (the other member of the class is the ball bearing). Like a ball bearing, a roller bearing has two grooved tracks or races, but the balls are replaced by rollers. The rollers may be cylinders or truncated cones. Only radial loads (loads perpendicular to the axis of rotation) can be carried when the rollers are cylindrical, but with conical rollers both radial and thrust, or axial, loads (ones parallel to the axis of rotation) can be carried. A needle bearing has cylindrical rollers that are relatively slender and completely fill the space between the races; in many cases the inner race is dispensed with. Because there is line contact between a roller and the races, while in a ball bearing there is point contact, in a given space a roller bearing can carry a greater radial load than a ball bearing.